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Cuckold: More Than A Political Label

If you’ve followed American political news, then you’ve probably read a few publications where the label of “cuck” has been thrown around. Up until now, the “cuck” label wasn’t widely known, but now, most people relate the word to refer to men who have a weak personality or character.

In fact, “cuck” has been used as a label towards certain types of men for centuries. The real definition of a cuck refers to a man whose woman cheats on him with another man. During the Middle Ages, plenty of European literature referred to cucks who were usually of advanced aged and were clueless about the secret behaviors of their (usually much younger) wives.

As you might guess, the label of “cuck” was meant to be derisive and ridiculing. Let’s face it – no man wants for others to know that his woman is running around with other men, and he certainly doesn’t want to be the last to know…or does he?

In modern times, men have placed a new twist on being a cuck with the help of independent GFE London escorts. They’ve adopted the term and transformed it into an entire fetish called cuckholding. Cuckholding still refers to a wife cheating on her husband, but in modern times, the husband has full knowledge of the infidelity. What’s more, the husband isn’t an older man. He could be a young man, or a man of any age. Now here’s where the twist comes into play:

There’s a spectrum of cuckolds. On one end of the spectrum, there’s the passive cuck. He’s the guy who lives in the miserable knowledge that his wife doesn’t desire him, nor does she usually respect his manhood. She lets this poor fella know that she’s going to spend her days and nights being electrified by a “real” man. The passive cuck won’t leave his wife, although he’s not happy about the arrangement.

Then, there’s the “alpha cuck.” He’s the guy who aims to take control of the scenario by giving instructions to his cheating wife. He decides what she’ll wear on her dates. He might decided the times and the locations of the dalliances. And some will pre-screen and approve of his wife’s lover in advance.

As is the case with any spectrum, you might find that you fall somewhere in between the two spectrums of cuckholding. But what’s more, you might wish that you could discuss your unique marriage with a non-judgemental woman. Here’s some good news for you: London escorts are willing to offer you a listening ear!

Professional London escorts could also give you guidance if this is the first time you’re allowing a cucking scenario inside of your marriage. They’ll offer you insight from a strong woman’s perspective so that you can settle into your new way of life at home.