Feminization: The Softer Side Of Masculinity

feminization men

You’ve got a drawer at home that contains your special secret, a secret that’s actually quite common among men around the world. If you’re single, then you really don’t have to worry about anyone invading the privacy of your secret drawer stash, but if you’re married or in a relationship, then you probably take extra steps to protect your special secret and use the services of London Kinky Escorts.

Perhaps you’re keeping your secret stash in a lock box that’s hidden on the floor in the back of your closet. Or perhaps you keep your secret stash in the trunk of your car, or maybe, you keep your secret stash in the back of a filing cabinet inside of your home office.

What’s this secret stash your hiding? Well, if you’re like many other men around the world, then the stash is commonly called lingerie…as in, women’s lingerie. That’s right! You enjoy the thrill of sliding on tight bottoms made of lace or satin. You squeal at the thrill of buying pastel and brightly-colored garments at the store, passing off your purchase as a thoughtful gift for your wife or your girlfriend.

If only those store clerks knew that you’re the wife or girlfriend in question. You’re a man who enjoys throwing off your uniform of socially-accepted male garments in favor of dressing up for your wildest secret feminization fantasies.

Feminization has been around since the beginning of time. In fact, there were societies where feminization was socially acceptable, as culture allowed for men to explore the masculine and the feminine aspects of their personalities. The acceptance of this duality changed in Western society a couple of centuries ago, but there are many cultures to this day that accept gender non-binary behaviors as perfectly acceptable.

What’s more, not only do many men love exploring their desires to feminize themselves, but they secretly crave behaving like the most submissive feminine stereotypes. Think of the bombshell, the mid-century housewife, the sweet and shy young lady in her 20s. Many men find it relieving to shed the harsh expectations of masculinity in favor of indulging the sweeter, softer side of life.

Whether you’re currently exploring your feminine side, or whether you deeply long to explore it, you already know that this isn’t a topic that you could easily bring up to your wife, your work colleagues, or your next-door neighbor! This is why it’s beneficial for you to bring up the issue with a professional escorts. These are ladies who aren’t afraid of allowing you to be yourself, and they’re more than happy to listen to all of your feminine secrets!