Adult Spanking: A Primer For Beginners

erotic spanking

Spanking for adults is not only completely normal, but there are communities around the world, like Sub Escorts London, for those who enjoy a good swat across the bum. Having said that, most spanking community members like to keep their desires a secret because of the associated stigma.

Spanking is most commonly recognized as a form of corporal punishment that many received growing up. It’s not perceived to be something that’s appropriate behavior to administer to adults. And certainly, many adults don’t want to receive spankings…or do they?

There are over 7 billion people on the earth. So yes, while there are many who would frown at the thought of being spanked as an adult, there are plenty more who crave the authoritative swat of a hand, a paddle, a crop, or sometimes, a whip across the soft ample flesh of their bottom.

But why? Why do adults who are educated, professional, and decent members of society crave an act that’s a subset of “sensory play, or “impact play?”

The answer rests in biology. In layman’s terms, sensory play activities such as spanking creates an endorphin rush. The endorphin rush sends pleasure signals throughout the brain. What’s more, once the brain fills with pleasure signals, it will often quicken the pumping of the heart, and the increase in blood flow allows blood and oxygen to flow all throughout certain erogenous zones of the body.

So when it comes to receiving spankings as adults, it’s perceived to be a very pleasurable and positive activity. But there are often rules in the sensory play community to keep in mind.

First, all participants in sensory play activities such as spanking must be consenting. It’s often recommended for safe words to be implemented. Safe words are phrases to allow the person administering the spanking to know that the person receiving the spanking would like to stop the activity. It’s crucial for the person on the receiving end to always feel as if they have complete agency during the activity.

Many adults who crave being spanked carry their secret around in needless shame. They wish that they could share their secret, but more than this, they wish that they could satisfy their urge to be spanked, especially since spanking often takes place in asexual scenarios.

If you’d like to explore this side or yourself, especially within an asexual scenario, then it’s best to share your secret with a professional who understands the importance of discretion and open-mindedness. You might find that once you’re able to accept this part of yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy the activity with a new friend or two!